One more year we have returned to be in the tribute that the ciclismo en cadena guys make of the iconic classic of Italian Tuscany, last year we went for the first time on the rebound, we were going to Italy to participate for the second time in the cyclotourist when some Days before all this maelstrom of events was unleashed and we were forced to suspend the trip, we got in touch with Jeronimo and he did us a great favor 2 days before leaving us some registrations to participate and of course he did not disappoint us, it was a Incredible day and the last almost social event he had before confinement.

This year we decided to return, as soon as it was announced 2 weeks before we began to close the registrations, this time in a different format due to the pandemic, but which we still enjoyed, it could be done in pairs or in teams of maximum 6 people, in a At the beginning we managed to form 2 teams of 6 but between injuries and last minute casualties we could only attend one team, which I really enjoyed!

We attended 6 people and a “support” car with our supporters included and photographer !!!!! to enjoy a full day in the southeast of Madrid, the so-called Vegas and that chain cycling guys know each other by heart, this time with the support of Sanferbike and a whole world top brand such as Rapha.

The teams and couples that disputed it were summoned at their time in Titulcia and they left separated every 5 ‘, an organization of 10, so as not to produce crowds and possible risk situations. The teams were making their outings together and without meeting with anyone else, at the end of the tour everyone had a personal supply, received in individual boxes, all super well organized.

This year the route changed compared to the past, going further south, perhaps with fewer climbs but equally attractive, passing through places such as Chinchón, Villarejo de Salvanes or Villamanrique de Tajo to finish again in Titulcia after 120kms, alternating sections of “Sterrato” with sections of asphalt, areas with little traffic on a sunny day and with a very good temperature to hit the pedals!

Many acquaintances contesting the test, it was not an official competition or cycling tour, simply a well-organized meeting in which Strava times were taken to make a final classification in which the winners of the categories would receive a lot of Rapha as a prize, although the best prize that many could probably receive this day was sharing pedals or being able to see Miguel Indurain himself for the test !!! That he came with a Rapha team since his son works for the brand in Mallorca and they could come to enjoy the day too.

Miguel Indurain

In short, a great day of pure cycling and sterrato, thanks for everything to the ciclismo en cadena guys!

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