Panpintao is a restaurant that is located in the southern part of Madrid, the new bet of Tony Canales, in the town of Pinto, the birthplace of the great Alberto Contador, a place where the cycling routes of southern Madrid pass through.

We got to know Panpintao through one of our favorite restaurants in Madrid, the Doña Filo in Colmenar del Arroyo, which we will also talk about soon, our choice this time was for dinner although we almost recommend it to eat now We are talking about a very copious dinner, at least if you are going to have dinner that you do not have to do many kilometers and ports the next day 😀

The proposal that we chose was the tasting menu, for € 55 with pairing included, they also have an extensive menu, but to be the first time we went we preferred to try to taste more dishes and see what their cuisine is based on, this is one seasonal cuisine and at no time do they tell you that you are going to try it, although before starting they always ask you about your tastes and intolerances.

The menu is quite complete, with an unbeatable service, consisting of 7 passes in total, 2 starters, 2 firsts, 1 fish, a meat and 2 desserts, which together with wine make it a true high mountain stage.

The wines chosen this time were a white (malvar) from DO Madrid, Baladí, from Arganda wineries, with some barrel but at the same time fresh and smooth, something fruity that accompanied us even to the meat, personally I would have liked some change on the plates and being able to switch to the red one before, since they leave you with little option to taste a red wine and with quite a few glasses of white beforehand. The red was a Ribera, Convento de Oreja, something classic (tempranillo), oak, which did not convince me much, we could also only have a drink, for my taste somewhat scarce in the mouth, perhaps the lack of a bottle, but that easy to drink. For dessert we could taste a white from Alicante, a surprising sweet (Marina Alta), with a salty touch that we liked a lot more.

The menu is based on traditional cuisine and seasonal products, giving it a modern touch but with traditional flavors, a cuisine that reminds us a lot of Doña Filo and in which you can enjoy for sure !!!

It also has a series of apartments in the same restaurant, a very good option for those who come from abroad, Pinto is a very good place to discover the roads and paths of the south of Madrid, the famous Vegas and its Sterratos, if You want more info to know them, you know, do not hesitate to contact us !!!


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