Panpintao is a restaurant that is located in the southern part of Madrid, the new bet of Tony Canales, in the town of Pinto, the birthplace of the great Alberto Contador, a place where the cycling routes of southern Madrid pass through.

We got to know Panpintao through one of our favorite restaurants in Madrid, the Doña Filo in Colmenar del Arroyo, which we will also talk about soon, our choice this time was for dinner although we almost recommend it to eat now We are talking about a very copious dinner, at least if you are going to have dinner that you do not have to do many kilometers and ports the next day 😀

The proposal that we chose was the tasting menu, for € 55 with pairing included, they also have an extensive menu, but to be the first time we went we preferred to try to taste more dishes and see what their cuisine is based on, this is one seasonal cuisine and at no time do they tell you that you are going to try it, although before starting they always ask you about your tastes and intolerances.

The menu is quite complete, with an unbeatable service, consisting of 7 passes in total, 2 starters, 2 firsts, 1 fish, a meat and 2 desserts, which together with wine make it a true high mountain stage.

The wines chosen this time were a white (malvar) from DO Madrid, Baladí, from Arganda wineries, with some barrel but at the same time fresh and smooth, something fruity that accompanied us even to the meat, personally I would have liked some change on the plates and being able to switch to the red one before, since they leave you with little option to taste a red wine and with quite a few glasses of white beforehand. The red was a Ribera, Convento de Oreja, something classic (tempranillo), oak, which did not convince me much, we could also only have a drink, for my taste somewhat scarce in the mouth, perhaps the lack of a bottle, but that easy to drink. For dessert we could taste a white from Alicante, a surprising sweet (Marina Alta), with a salty touch that we liked a lot more.

The menu is based on traditional cuisine and seasonal products, giving it a modern touch but with traditional flavors, a cuisine that reminds us a lot of Doña Filo and in which you can enjoy for sure !!!

It also has a series of apartments in the same restaurant, a very good option for those who come from abroad, Pinto is a very good place to discover the roads and paths of the south of Madrid, the famous Vegas and its Sterratos, if You want more info to know them, you know, do not hesitate to contact us !!!


One more year we have returned to be in the tribute that the ciclismo en cadena guys make of the iconic classic of Italian Tuscany, last year we went for the first time on the rebound, we were going to Italy to participate for the second time in the cyclotourist when some Days before all this maelstrom of events was unleashed and we were forced to suspend the trip, we got in touch with Jeronimo and he did us a great favor 2 days before leaving us some registrations to participate and of course he did not disappoint us, it was a Incredible day and the last almost social event he had before confinement.

This year we decided to return, as soon as it was announced 2 weeks before we began to close the registrations, this time in a different format due to the pandemic, but which we still enjoyed, it could be done in pairs or in teams of maximum 6 people, in a At the beginning we managed to form 2 teams of 6 but between injuries and last minute casualties we could only attend one team, which I really enjoyed!

We attended 6 people and a “support” car with our supporters included and photographer !!!!! to enjoy a full day in the southeast of Madrid, the so-called Vegas and that chain cycling guys know each other by heart, this time with the support of Sanferbike and a whole world top brand such as Rapha.

The teams and couples that disputed it were summoned at their time in Titulcia and they left separated every 5 ‘, an organization of 10, so as not to produce crowds and possible risk situations. The teams were making their outings together and without meeting with anyone else, at the end of the tour everyone had a personal supply, received in individual boxes, all super well organized.

This year the route changed compared to the past, going further south, perhaps with fewer climbs but equally attractive, passing through places such as Chinchón, Villarejo de Salvanes or Villamanrique de Tajo to finish again in Titulcia after 120kms, alternating sections of “Sterrato” with sections of asphalt, areas with little traffic on a sunny day and with a very good temperature to hit the pedals!

Many acquaintances contesting the test, it was not an official competition or cycling tour, simply a well-organized meeting in which Strava times were taken to make a final classification in which the winners of the categories would receive a lot of Rapha as a prize, although the best prize that many could probably receive this day was sharing pedals or being able to see Miguel Indurain himself for the test !!! That he came with a Rapha team since his son works for the brand in Mallorca and they could come to enjoy the day too.

Miguel Indurain

In short, a great day of pure cycling and sterrato, thanks for everything to the ciclismo en cadena guys!


Many months without posting, many months of pandemic, but it seems that this 2021 starts exciting and full of plans and activities.

We have started this year by going to the kapelmuur racing series organized by the famous Kapelmuur store, in Pozuelo de Alarcón, a series of 4 events, one a month, with a route of about 70-90 kms each day, by teams of 4 and complying with all existing anticovid measures in the community of Madrid.

It is a time trial for teams of 4 in which the time in strava of the special stage is counted, with starts every 5 ′ by teams to avoid crowds, a good initiative at a time when competitions are scarce, and people want keep playing sports and “competing” safely, have fun and have a good time on Saturday mornings.

There have already been 2 tests out of a total of 4, 3 categories have been made depending on the times of the first day to separate by levels and that everyone has fun and motivates in the same way, with prizes for all categories and even cycling jerseys. leader for each team and even for the kings of the mountain !!!! but for us the main thing is to have a good time safely and above all to finish with a good recovery afterwards with hop juice and good tapas !!!


After several very complicated months for all of us, we have finally been able to start carrying out our activities and we have been able to do so by traveling a few days to Girona and the department of the Hautes Pyrinees with 2 extraordinary groups.

The first of them from July 16 to 20 in Banyoles (Girona), 5 fabulous days at where our group was able to count on the presence of the great triathlete Marcel Zamora in which we could enjoy their facilities and the fabulous environment for cycling.

It has been 5 days of cycling with distances between 40kms and 170kms from the queen stage, including the most famous ports in the area such as Rocacorba, Mare de Deu del Mont, Vallter2000, Romanya de la Selva among others and visiting beautiful places such as Monells, Besalú or Girona itself, where we could enjoy having coffee at La Fabrica or having dinner at Hors Categorie.


In Hautes Pyrinees we have been able to enjoy with another fabulous group that was able to enjoy the Cyclin´n Trip event, a beautiful initiative of the corresponding French department in which during the week of July 26-31 some of the most famous ports in Spain were closed to traffic. step of the Tour de France and where you could enjoy refreshments at the top, a passport stamped with the corresponding ports and a gift at each port.

This time we stayed in Lourdes, this time with a much lower hotel occupancy than would be expected at this time in this area, but due to the extraordinary circumstances that occur due to the epidemic, we have been able to be much calmer due to the zone.


It has been 350kms in 3 days with about 8000m of accumulated unevenness, ports such as Tourmalet, Hautacam or Luz Ardiden that surely have delighted everyone, 3 days of good cycling, good coffee, good food, a lot of liquid to replace due to the high temperatures but above all a lot of laughs and a very good atmosphere with the NSDAVIDTORO group, unforgettable moments that we will surely repeat soon.

Thank you all!!!!!


After many weeks of confinement and living an exceptional situation for everyone during this pandemic, on Saturday June 13 we were finally able to start and present our project, something that we were very excited about and that was cut short just 3 months ago when all of this situation.

Within the limitations and restrictions derived from the state of alarm in which we are still continuing and within the activities allowed in Phase 2 in which the autonomous community of Madrid is located, we were able to develop a small presentation event, to which they were able to join Many of our friends and guests most interested in our project, we could not make a more massive event for these same circumstances.

2 groups of 15 people were able to enjoy our services and see what our idea and our feelings are towards this wonderful world that revolves around the bicycle, starting from our base of operations in Villanueva del Pardillo and touring part of our beloved western sierra, with A guide in each group we could enjoy a good morning, accompanied by many laughs, various pikes, our great aid stations and in which we could toast in style at the end of the day to start this project full of illusion.

Thank you all for coming!


Due to the events that are happening due to the coronavirus, all upcoming Gourmet Riding activity is suspended until further notice. Let’s hope for a quick solution and let’s all get out of this situation.

We wish you all good health and we hope to see you soon, thanks!


We have been working for months since the gourmet riding club was taking shape in our heads, we wanted to have everything tied up before starting work and to be able to offer all our services in an effective way.

We have everything ready to start our journey and we want to invite you to our opening party, with a guided bike ride, aid station, assistance vehicle and a small end-of-party picnic.

What better date than the change of season from winter to spring and thus also celebrate the arrival of the spring, we have 2 routes with 2 different groups so that everyone who comes has a place, both by kilometers and by pace, we are at an intermediate point to take a refreshment and we will return to the starting point for a drink in what will be one of our usual starting points, the Bar La Historia in Villanueva del Pardillo, also the starting point of both routes.

We leave you strava link of the 2 routes so you can download them:

Route A, pace 30 km / h:

Route B, pace 25 km / h:

Please do not forget to sign up and confirm your attendance, for insurance and permit issues we have to limit capacity, a million thanks and see you on March 21!


This past week we have been in Girona for a couple of days, seeing routes, locations, restaurants, etc … Although we have already been there quite a few times it is always good to update and remember.

As everyone knows Girona at the moment is one of the best places to practice cycling and everything that surrounds this sport as a hobby, many professional teams, clubs and fans. The environment is ideal, isolated roads, mountain passes, sea and a fairly good temperature almost all year round.

Hors Categorie Restaurant

Cafe La Fabrica
We have been to Service Course, La Fabrica, Espresso Mafia, Hors Categorie, Rocacorba Café … and many more that we have been without visiting in just 2 days, but which have helped us to confess what we want to offer in June.

In June we are waiting for you to spend some great days, staying in Banyoles at


For everything there is a beginning and ours begins here, we start an adventure that we hope will be very long and to the liking of many people, in this little blog we will gradually describe everything that will surround Gourmet Riding, travel, bicycles, cycling, coffee, wines, food … Everything that makes us be ourselves and that we want to share with you day by day.

We will be counting our trips, routes and experiences in addition to giving you our vision of the world of coffee, wine and good food!